Allowing pets into your Charlotte rental property is simply good business. With over 60 percent of all U.S. households having at least one pet, you really open up your tenant pool when you’re willing to allow renters to move into your home with a pet. Welcoming pets will ensure your property is occupied quickly.

While allowing pets is a good idea, you also have to think about how best to protect your property.

You need a good pet policy in place, and if you’re working with a Charlotte property management company, find out what kind of protection plan they might have against pet damage. We offer a pretty comprehensive protection plan at Alarca Realty, with no cost to the owner.

Here are some of the most important things to think about for your pet-friendly Charlotte rental property.

Conduct a Thorough Pet Screening

Tenant screening is an important way to predict how your resident will perform once they move into your property. Pet screening can be a similar indicator. Make sure you do a thorough screening of any pets that are moving in with your tenants. It will provide you with more peace of mind and it will demonstrate to the tenant that you’ll be holding them accountable for the behavior and health of their animals.

During the pet screening process, get information on the pet’s breed, the age of the animal, its weight, and whether it’s house trained. Ask for vet and vaccine information, too. You’ll want to see a current rabies vaccination. We ask our tenants to answer a number of questions before we approve a pet. We want to know if they’ve bitten anyone before or if they’ve bitten another pet. We also ask our tenants to verify in writing that they understand our pet policy, including the rules and regulations for pets and the penalties for violating that policy.

Always collect a pet fee. Many owners also collect pet rent every month in addition to the tenant’s normal rental payment.

Pet Protection Plans

Our pet protection plan is comprehensive. It’s funded by the pet fee our tenants pay when they move in. Depending upon the service plan you choose, we will cover from $1,000 – $5,000 worth of pet damage at your property. That’s above and beyond the regular security deposit.

This is easy for us because we have complete confidence in our pet screening process. We’re also attentive to the condition of your home throughout the tenancy. We make sure the home is well-maintained and our vendors are trained to look for pets and pet damage when they’re inside the property making a repair.

Annual property assessments can also help you protect your property. We conduct them on our homes and document any pet damage we find as well as other issues with property condition.

Make sure you’re doing an extensive move-in and move-out assessment with photos and additional documentation. When a tenant with a pet moves out, you want to be able to compare the condition of your property at that time to the way it looked before they moved in.

Pets If you have questions about this plan or any of our Charlotte property management programs, please contact us at Alarca Realty.