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Pay Near Me FAQ

  • Q: What is Pay Near Me?

    Pay Near Me is a program between Alarca Realty and 711 convenience stores and Ace Cash express. This program allows tenants to walk into a 711 or Ace Cash express and pay cash to the cashier that is immediately applied to their account with Alarca.
  • Q: How do I get signed up?

    To sign up for Pay Near Me, Alarca will need to be contacted. We will add you to our system, which will then send you an email containing a barcode to be used at any 7-11 or Ace Cash Express.
  • Q: How do I make a payment?

    To make a payment, make sure you have contacted Alarca to get signed up. You may either print out the e-mail containing the barcode, or access it on your smart phone and take it with you to the 7-11 or Ace Cash Express. Allow the cashier to scan the barcode, and then pay the amount due on your account.
  • Q: How long does it take Alarca to receive my payment?

    Alarca typically receives notification within an hour of the payment.
  • Q: Is there a fee for this service?

    Yes. Pay Near Me charges a fee of $3.99 per transaction.
  • Q: Is there a maximum amount I can pay?

    Pay Near Me only allows $1000.00 per transaction. If your balance is more than $1000.00, you will be able to make multiple transactions.
  • Q: Do I have to notify Alarca every time I plan to use Pay Near Me?

    No. Alarca only needs to be notified prior to the first time Pay Near Me is used.

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