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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Charlotte Real Estate

5. Properties are still below historic value: Hedge funds continue to buy hundreds of homes a month because they believe they can buy for less than they can build. We can help you find similar properties for your portfolio and you'll have lower property management fees too!

4. Real Estate is More Forgiving than Stock: When you invest in the stock market, the market can drop significantly in just a short time. When you invest in real estate and buy properties right, if the market turns downward, it takes a much longer time, and therefore, is more predictable. Real estate, unlike other investment opportunities, has consistently appreciated also.

3. Real Estate investing is considered a business: You can use the expenses from it and deduct them from your taxes. Anything that you purchased, had repaired, any fees and anything else related to the investment in question.

2. Return on investment is HIGHER: It is no surprise that prices on rental homes in the Charlotte area have dropped over the past several years. Rental rates in certain areas, however, have not dropped as quickly or at all. Therefore, the return on investment has actually increased! Alarca is familiar with these areas and can help you find properties that will meet your investment objectives.

1. The #1 reason why you should invest in Real Estate RIGHT NOW: Because by partnering with Alarca Realty, you can invest, let Alarca do all the work, and just collect on your investment. Even if you know nothing about the Real Estate industry, we're experts! We'll guide you through the entire process by giving you the best service & industry knowledge in the market! Our property management department has been built to service the landlord who truly desires a hands-off approach to their real estate investment. Our objective is to make your real estate investment as much like a dividend paying stock as possible. How do we do this? We're real estate investors ourselves and we manage your properties as if they were our own. You make the mortgage, insurance and tax payments and we handle everything else. We have proven tenant-screening techniques, we fill vacancies quickly, and we manage costs through our volume pricing. If you're looking for a personal touch and professional expertise in property management, contact us to see how we can meet your needs today!

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106 Langtree Village Drive, Ste 301
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O: (704) 900-3354