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Alarca Realty’s Property Management Story

A New Standard of Managing Income Properties for Investors and Owners


Alarca’s expertise is the full-service management of Charlotte-area single-family homes, condominiums, townhouses, duplexes, and small to medium multi-family properties. A large percentage of our clients live outside North Carolina and, therefore, rely on Alarca to handle every aspect of managing their investments. Our communications systems have been created to ensure our clients receive the information required to ensure their satisfaction.


We understand that local knowledge is crucial to successful management of investment properties and we consistently work to maintain our expertise in Charlotte area rental markets. We respond quickly to changes in market conditions and technology improvements. We provide you with...

  • Low Vacancy Rates – typically lower than 5%
  • Short Vacancy Periods – 28 days on average
  • Highest Client Retention Levels – over 95% of clients stay with Alarca
  • Longer tenancy periods – over 36 months per tenant on average
  • Low number of homes on the market – often fewer than 10

We handle all of the details below the surface and promise that you’ll make more money with Alarca. We don’t just promise it – we guarantee it.

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