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Alarca Guarantees

Our guarantees and protection plans ensure that our interests are aligned with yours. If we place a bad tenant, for example, we will pay up to $5,000 of lost rent and up to $5,000 in eviction costs. You can bet that our team does everything they can to try to ensure that this doesn't occur.

Rental Income guarantee

$5,000 Rental Income

We know our clients want predictable monthly cash-flow and we’re confident in the residents we place in our homes. If an Alarca-placed resident misses a payment, we'll cover one month's rent (up to $5,000) so you keep receiving your distributions each month.

Eviction Protection guarantee

$5,000 Eviction Protection

No property owner wants to have to evict a resident, but unfortunately it is almost impossible to avoid 100% of the time. If it does occur, it can dramatically impact your monthly cash flow. In order to protect our clients, Alarca will cover court costs and attorney fees up to $5,000 in the rare case we need to file eviction on an Alarca-placed resident.

Pet Damage guarantee

$3,000 Pet Damage

Most pet-owners are responsible and ensure their pets don’t damage their home. In the case where an Alarca-authorized pet caused damage to the home, Alarca will cover up to $3,000 in damages at move-out.

Cleaning Plan

$0 Cleaning &
Carpet Cleaning

Alarca will pay the Move Out Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning costs for tenants we place. This reduces your costs to prep the home for a new tenant.

Maintenance guarantee

1 YEAR Maintenance

There’s nothing worse than a poorly completed repair or a repair that requires a call-back. We’ve worked with our vendors to ensure they know our standards and most work carries a one-year guarantee from our vendors.