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Free Rental Analysis

Part of our full-service property management plan is effective leasing and strategic marketing. Our goal is to find the best possible tenant and to place that tenant as quickly as possible for the most money that the rental market will bear. Proper pricing plays a big role in this strategy.

We’ll take a look at your property and compare it to others on the market. We’ll establish an accurate rental value that’s competitive and profitable. Don’t waste your time trying to price your property without reliable, local data. We have the tools you need to properly price your investment property.

Your Charlotte Property Management Company

Since 2005 we’ve built our business to partner with our clients to help them meet their goals. Too many Charlotte property management companies create adversarial relationships between their clients and tenants. Our goal, on the other hand is to keep all of our stakeholders – clients, residents, vendors and employees – happy and successful.

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We know, for example, that our clients’ investment return is most impacted by the length of time a resident stays in the home. As such, we work hard to keep our residents happy and help them to remain in your home. Here are just some of the ways maintain an average residency of nearly three years:

  • We provide a welcome package to our residents at move-in that includes items to help them maintain and protect your property.
  • We deliver periodic care packages to our residents
  • We offer renewal incentives to our residents to encourage them to stay in the home
  • We provide new HVAC filters to our residents every 2-3 months (at no cost to our clients)
  • Sometimes a resident may experience a unique, unexpected hardship. We provide a Resident Assistance Program that helps these residents get back on track and stay in the home

Unique Services provide better returns for our clients

We started this business to provide expert and professional residential management services to rental property owners in the Charlotte area including Mecklenburg, Iredell, Gaston, Catawba, Cabarrus, and Lincoln counties. Working with us, you can expect high-quality management solutions that save you money. We’ve been managing properties since 2005 and have worked to develop a number of services to better serve our clients.

Our unique Charlotte property management provides peace of mind for property owners

The following services are just several examples of how we differ from the competition:

NO LONG-TERM MANAGEMENT CONTRACT – We simply have a month-to-month contract. If you’re not satisfied with our services, you may exit at any time with zero penalty.

TURNOVER COST REDUCTION PLAN – This unique benefit (included with all of our service plans) covers up to one month’s rent in costs when the home needs to be “turned-over” between residents.

ONE YEAR GUARANTEE ON MOST MAINTENANCE – There’s only one stakeholder that likes repairs – vendors. And there’s nothing worse than a poorly completed repair or a repair that requires a call-back. We’ve worked with our vendors to ensure they know our standards and most of our vendors guarantee their work for one year.

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$1,000 ANIMAL DAMAGE PROTECTION PLAN – Over 60% of American households have pets. This plan provides up to $1,000 of protection against pet damages to your property (at no cost to you). We offer an optional $5,000 plan for a low monthly fee.


$100,000 ASSET PROTECTION PLAN – This plan provides up to $100,000 in coverage for accidental, tenant-caused damage to your property. This is included in all of our service plans at no cost to our clients.

LOST RENT PROTECTION PLAN – This Optional Plan provides for up to 8 weeks of lost rent coverage

EVICTION PROTECTION PLAN – This Optional Plan covers all of the normal Owner Fees in an Eviction, plus the tenant’s portion of fees

TENANT WARRANTY– Almost any property manager in Charlotte can fill your house quickly. But what if the tenant defaults on their commitments? At Alarca, we’re so confident in our screening process that if a tenant defaults during either 6 or 12 months (depending upon your management plan), we’ll waive our leasing fee to secure a new tenant.

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Guaranteed Performance

At Alarca Realty, we know the local market and we understand its trends. We know what tenants are looking for and we follow the state, local, and federal laws. Our clients who have portfolios of properties that include rental homes all over the Charlotte, North Carolina area know that they don’t have to be here to have a successful investment experience. We’re their eyes and their ears and their experts in the field.

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If you’re looking for a local management company that guarantees your results, we can help. If you’re feeling like your current management company isn’t meeting your high standards, we can show you what a full-service Charlotte property management company can deliver when it comes to results and return on investment.

Let’s face it: Every manager you talk to is going to tell you they deliver the results you desire. What makes us different is that we GUARANTEE it. These are just some of our guarantees:

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you are unhappy for any reason during your first three months with Alarca, simply tell us and we’ll refund any of the standard monthly fees that we have collected.

COMMUNICATION GUARANTEE – We do our best to answer all questions immediately, but this is not always possible. If our team doesn’t reply to you within one business day of an inquiry, we will waive that month’s management fee.

FULL FUNDS DISBURSEMENT GUARANTEE – We believe our clients should receive ALL of their proceeds each month. Unlike most firms, we don’t hold a regular maintenance reserve (typically $500-$1,000). So you’ll get all of your funds every month.

RAPID FUNDS DISBURSEMENT GUARANTEE – Many firms hold your funds until the end of the month before they send them to you. We believe our clients should get their funds as quickly as possible. As such, we disburse our funds on the 11th of each month (the NC Real Estate Commission requires us to ensure the funds have cleared the bank, or we’d send them even earlier!)

PET DAMAGE GUARANTEE – We provide $1,000 of damage protection for any damage an approved pet may cause above the amount of the security deposit. This is at no cost to our client. You can increase this protection to $5,000 for a small monthly fee.

21 DAY LEASING GUARANTEE – Vacant properties are the largest cost to a landlord. We guarantee that we can secure a tenant for your home within 21 days of marketing it. If not, we will waive your first month’s management fee.

PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE – We believe we provide the best value in property management in the Charlotte area. If you find a lower management fee, we will match or beat it!

…As an out of state property owner, Alarca is a dream. Everything is computerized. I know where my rent payments are and what maintenance is being done. Staff is super responsive and treats me like a first class passenger

Brian M.

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Leasing, Maintenance, and Property Management Services

Full-service property management means different things to different people. At Alarca Realty, it means we take care of everything for our owners and investors, from preparing the property for the rental market to leasing it to high quality tenants to keeping it well-maintained and profitable.

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We believe full-service management should include communication, transparency, and low tenant turnover. We work hard to protect the condition of your asset and keep your rental income consistent. Success is defined by happy tenants, profitable owners, and a better rental experience for everyone.

Your Charlotte property management services will always include:

  • Rental property marketing and online advertising to keep vacancy low and attract great tenants.

  • Rigorous and consistent tenant screening that follows all fair housing laws.

  • Routine and preventative maintenance that preserves and increases the value of your asset.

  • Emergency responses 24 hours a day and seven days a week

  • Lease renewals and negotiations

  • Property management accounting, bookkeeping, and financial reports.

Principled, Centered Charlotte Property Management

At Alarca Realty, we have higher standards than other Charlotte property management companies. We stand out from the competition because we’re dedicated to meeting your needs and focusing on your success. Our efficient processes, dedicated resources, and leadership in the property management industry give our owners and investors a competitive advantage in an ever-changing real estate market. We’re here to help you grow.

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Alarca’s Core Principles guide everything we do. These Principles ensure that everyone you work with at Alarca is acting consistently and with your best interests in mind. Our commitment to these Principles and our clients has allowed us to achieve industry-leading client retention levels while continuously pushing us to achieve world-class customer satisfaction.

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Property Management Protection Plans for Owners in Charlotte and Surrounding Regions

Charlotte property owners and investors want protection. We answer that call for risk management with the most comprehensive property management protection plans that you’ll find in the industry. These optional plans help our clients tailor our services to the level they desire.

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Up to eight weeks of lost rent coverage if the tenant vacates before lease termination.

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Up to $100,000 in coverage for accidental, tenant-caused property damage.

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Many of our clients ask about home warranties on their rental properties. We’ve found that these programs don’t work well with rental properties, and we offer an alternative which provides up to $1,200 that’s covered by Alarca.


Welcoming Residents in Mecklenburg, Iredell, Gaston, Catawba, Cabarrus, and Lincoln Counties.

Current Charlotte Residents Can Access Resources

At Alarca Realty, it’s important that our residents have an enjoyable rental experience. We’re here to answer questions, offer advice, and provide resources for the best in local living.

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Your online portal provides almost everything you need; it’s a secure and convenient place to pay rent or schedule future payments, and an efficient and seamless place to make routine maintenance requests. You can send us a message or ask us a question. We’re here to help.

Future Charlotte Residents Can Find a New Home

Take a look at our homes for rent and see what makes Alarca different from your other options. We lease most of our homes with NO SECURITY DEPOSIT, NO LEASE PREPARATION FEES and NO UTILITY CONNECTION FEES! That’s right. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to move into your new home and we reduced the upfront financial burden.

The housing market conditions ‘made’ us owners of a rental property; we could not sell, we needed to move and had no idea where to start. Fortunately, ALARCA took care of EVERYTHING. They explained my options, came up with the best selection, fixed the place so it can be perfect for renting, found a renter and are managing my property. I receive updates via e-mail and I can control expenses and income directly from my computer. Easy!

Pacino M.

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