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Top 5 Charlotte Property Management Companies and How to Pick the Best One

Potential clients often ask us what makes a good property management firm, and today we’re talking about the top property management companies in Charlotte, NC. Through our involvement in the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), and the Charlotte Regional Realtor Association, we’ve gotten to know a lot of the best companies providing Charlotte property management, and we can recommend them to someone when it turns out we’re just not a good fit.  

Choosing the a Charlotte Property Manager 

You always want to make sure you have a good fit philosophically and with a property manager’s methodology. You want to agree on how maintenance is handled, specifically whether it’s in-house or outsourced. You need to know how your funds are distributed and whether everything is done online through emails and portals or through phone calls. Get a feel for your property manager and make sure you’ll be happy with the service you receive. All of the companies we’re talking about are highly qualified and have great people on their teams. They are all active in NARPM, which is a minimum requirement. What you’re looking for is the right fit. 

5 Best Property Management Companies in Charlotte, NC 

Park Avenue Properties was started by John Bradford. This company has expanded to have operations in six states. It’s a good choice and probably the only choice if you want a single point of contact for properties throughout these six states.  

Another great firm is Henderson Properties, started by Phil Henderson. This is a growing company with six offices in Charlotte. They handle commercial properties, HOAs, and apartment buildings. So with a mix of investments, Henderson is going to be an excellent choice for you. 

T.R. Lawing Realty is one of the oldest companies in the area. It’s also one of the largest. They have been around for about 50 years, and manage a couple of thousand properties. If you have a large portfolio and you like a corporate feel, check out this company. They have an internal maintenance team to meet your needs as well.  

Group 15 Real Estate was started by Danny Pleuddemann and Matt Tringali in 2010. They started the company to serve clients who couldn’t sell during the real estate downturn. It has a small firm feel, so if you want active involvement from your owners, this is a great option. 

In the middle is RuBec Properties, which was started by Cheryl Warren when she left corporate America. She is the current president of the Charlotte chapter of NARPM. It’s a Property Managermidsize firm with an agency business. This has a small company feel with lots of great policy and procedures.  

All of these five companies can do a great job for you. Make sure you have a connection with your property manager, and you can trust and understand them. If you have any questions about Charlotte property management companies, or you’d like to hear more about our services, please contact us at Alarca Realty.