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Why You Need to Choose a NARPM Property Manager to Manage Your Charlotte Rental Home

I am the current president of the Charlotte chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), and today we’re going to talk about why it is important that your property manager is a member of NARPM.

Introduction to NARPM

This organization is the professional, educational and ethical leader for the residential property management industry. NARPM is an association of real estate professionals who understand first-hand the problems and challenges of managing single family rental properties. The property managers who belong to NARPM must adhere to professional standards and a strict code of ethics. It’s similar to the relationship that the Realtor Association has with real estate agents.

Educational Opportunities

There are numerous educational opportunities and networking events hosted by NARPM. Property managers have the opportunity to learn from experts. This is important to you because being a member indicates that your property manager is serious about providing you with high quality service and liability protection. If your property manager is not a member of NARPM, you should wonder why. With over 50 active members in the Charlotte chapter alone and over 5,000 members in the United States, it’s easy to find a property manager who is a member.

Access to Best Practices

The increased educational opportunities include access to processes, systems and best practices. This helps NARPM members manage your properties more efficiently, professionally and economically. NARPM has dozens of courses focused specifically on the property management industry.

Vendor Relationships

Why You Need to Choose a NARPM Property Manager to Manage Your Charlotte Rental Home headshotMany vendors choose to be affiliated with NARPM. They provide the best services for members and sometimes they offer discounts as well. You’re getting world class service with the best possible pricing available. Charlotte has vendors affiliated with NARPM in every sector, from disaster recovery to attorneys to companies that clean your house between tenants.

Check out if you’d like more information about the organization, or contact us at Alarca Realty and Property Management, and we’d be happy to tell you more.